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Every time a Bell speaks, an angel loses their wings...


   The Show

During the late 1990s, in downstate New York, very close to New York City, just about an hour to an hour and a half driving depending on traffic, two people made the horrible decision to spawn not just one, but TWO, corrupted, morally unfit souls, and bring them here onto this very planet. 

These two souls began to grow, consuming everything in their wake. Their heads were filled with wretched kids bops remixes of hit popular songs, heinous movies about poorly animated animals who may or may not also sing remixes of hit popular songs, and ghastly opinions about literally every single thing on planet Earth, whether they had the knowledge to make those opinions or not! They wrecked havoc everywhere they went. They spread a mass amount of chaos - glitter bombing multiple houses, inviting themselves to parties of people they didn’t even know, and talking nonstop about things that absolutely no one cares about whatsoever. 


Now notoriously known as the Bell Sisters, they have graciously opened up their little slice of nonsense directly into your unwilling ears.


Thus, Bell on Earth: The Podcast was born. Listen as the sisters chronicle their insidious life stories, spew mass amounts of information that no mere mortal should know or care about, and torture their vic-host some wonderful guests! 


As the saying goes, every time a Bell speaks, an angel loses its wings. 


Hosted by Cassidy and Kasey Bell. 

Produced by F.R.E.E. Studios Productions.


Cassidy Bell

Host // @benoissokittenz


Kasey Bell

Host // @duckyvolcano

Headphones Floating

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Bell On Earth

21750 Hardy Oak Blvd Ste 104

PMB 334426

San Antonio, Texas 78258-4946 US

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This podcast is produced by Filming Real Emotional Experiences, LLC.

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